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Remote Connectivity for Emergency Situations

Working with well-known technology partners we can help you implement redundant, remote connectivity to manage your mission-critical operations, quickly.
(Currently we can support US based industrial or government organizations only.)

Remote Connectivity - OPEX Systems


Smart Grid and Micro Grid: Standards-based, Microgrid and Hybrid Power Control System

OPEX Micro Grid
  • Suitable for civilian and military power and energy systems
  • Up to 50% more fuel savings than traditional generators
  • Suitable for stationary, motive and marine Applications
  • Suitable from 3kW to 500kW power systems
  • Flexible and efficient generator right-sizing for distributed, tactical power
  • Remote monitoring & control, diagnostics & prognostics capabilities
  • Allows real-time integration of multiple 1-Ф or 3-Ф power systems
  • Renewable Energy, Storage, V2G, Demand Response and Grid Integration

Electric, Fuel-Cell and Hybrid-Electric Vehicles: Drivetrain Modeling & Control System

  • Cost/Benefit Analysis for procurement of Low/Zero Emission Commercial Vehicles
  • Medium and Heavy Duty Vehicle Drivetrain Modeling & Simulations
  • Drive and Work-Cycle Analysis for various work environments
  • Incorporation of multiple power sources: IC Engine (Diesel /Gasoline), Fuel- Cell, Li-Ion, Ultracapacitor based Energy Storage
  • Auxiliary Power Unit Modeling including Intelligent Vehicle Load Management

Industrial and Commercial Energy Efficiency: Process and Facility Energy Efficiency Optimization System

  • Suitable for MWh-scale, high-energy intensive manufacturing processes
  • Suitable for saving Electricity and Fossil Fuel consumption in the plant
  • System-level, process energy efficiency improvement in the range of 6%
  • Integration with process automation systems
  • Individual plant-level and enterprise-level aggregated visualization & Optimization systems

Ship and Fleet Energy: Energy Monitoring and Decision Support System

  • Suitable for naval and civilian ships and large Boats
  • Diesel-Battery Hybrid Power Management System
  • Intelligent Generator and Load Scheduling
  • Power Systems Condition Based Maintenance & Prognostics
  • Solid-state transformer and Self-configuring Microgrid Control System

Intelligent Power & Energy
Hybrid Microgrid Power

Photo Source: US Army

 Electric Work Truck

Photo Source: PG&E

Industrial Energy Efficiency

Photo Source: VW